3 Cheapest Electric Car in United Kingdom

Cheapest Electric Car : Finally technology for electric car has been introduced since very long and still people are using the old technology.

Now it’s time to switch with the new one.

Electric Vehicles are coming too quickly one by one and a huge amount of people are not aware about it.

Why Electric Vehicles

The answer of this question is pretty simple and you should already have.

The biggest benefit of having electric car or electric bike is that you can reduce your travelling cost than a petrol or a diesel vehicles.

Second one is you will not have to worry about the fuel station because in electric vehicles, you have the exact stats about the rides per charge.

It is a very beneficial in terms of pollution, as it denies the air pollution and noise pollution.

Difference in Price?

This one is the major question moving in people’s mind, and it must be.

Because as a human, we are used to be curios about coming new things.

Solving your query we are glad to inform you that there is no a major difference in electric car and petrol/diesel car.

You will be able to buy the electric car in a very cheap rate in UK and other countries as well.

The next one will make you happy that you are able to have the cheapest used electric car in UK and over the world as well.

We have introduced ourselves to take an opportunity to acknowledge you about the cheapest electric car in UK.

1. Renault Twizy – Cheapest Electric Car in UK

The name Renault defines the trust and quality parameters of this electric car in UK, right?

The Twizy is a small electric runabout that carries two people in its open-sided passenger cell.

It looks more like a vehicle from a futuristic science fiction movie than something you can buy in a showroom today.

Price: £10,995 + battery lease

The look of this car makes a man eager to buy it at the moment.

It’s the cheapest (affordable) model in the range of Renault’s versions.

It is the two-seater electric car, and having open-sided passenger cell.

You will not face any huddles while parking in small space as it is just  just 2.33-metres nose-to-tail, and 1.23-metres across.

The manufacturer of this electric car claims that you will have to pay just £1 to charge fully each time.

The maximum speed of this one is 50mph.

It takes 3.5 hours to charge full and you can run it 62 miles in a single charge.

Because of the Renault Twizy is technically a quadricycle, you won’t get a grant from the government.

One more thing, you have to lease the batteries from Renault, adding an extra running cost.

Renault is liable to Repair or Replace the leased batteries which fall below the 75% of their real performance.

2. VW ID.3 Pure

VWID is the first model of their electric car models.

According to the manufacturer’s claim, this electric car is supposed to give you the best performance covering all aspects.

The ID.3 Pure is an entry-level version of the ID.3 range.

  • Approximate miles: 175
  • Cost: £25,000
  • Rapid charging: Yes: up to 80% in 45 minutes
  • Available from: March 2021
Cheapest Electric Car in United Kingdom

It is having smaller battery at around 45kWh’s and a less punchy drivetrain kicking out around 148bhp.

While buying this car, you have two option in term of batteries and those are 58kWh and 77kWh.

Price from£29,990
Available sinceNov 2020
Insurance groupN/A
0-62 mph7.3 secs
Top Speed99 mph
Equivalent MPG185 mpg
Battery Capacity62 kWh
Real World Range265 miles
Efficiency265 Wh/mile
CO2 Emissions0 g/km
Car BodyHatchback
Seats5 People

3. Peugeot e-208 – Cheapest Electric Car in UK

Since the year of 2020, Peugeot e-208 electric car in continuously coming into the best cheapest electric cars’ category.

This one is a wonder little hatchback model and returns us a good value in terms of price.

The Peugeot 208 is coming with a fully electric 50kWh battery offering 138 horsepower in one of the best electric cars in UK.

If you are one of those people who’s life is almost full of travelling, you should not look for other models for electric car in UK.

Cheapest electri car - Peugeot e-208 electric car

It gives you the range of 217 miles approx, which is not less than a boon for long travelers.

You can control this car by remote by the MyPeugeot which is dedicatedly made for this car.

It enables the user to the status of the electric car and activating, stopping, and scheduling the charging as well.

  • Approximate miles: 217 (WLTP)
  • Cost: from £26,025
  • Rapid charging: Yes: up to 80% in 30 minutes
Price from£32,895
Available fromFebruary 2020
Insurance groupN/A
0-62 mph8.1 secs
Top Speed93 mph
Equivalent MPG180 mpg
Battery Capacity50 kWh
Real World Range185 miles
Efficiency255 Wh/mile
CO2 Emissions0g/km
Car BodyHatchback
Seats5 People


Finally, you should update your self that the upcoming time is going to replace the old technology with new one.

It is not recommended that we buy the car or home after it gets trended and price gets increased.

Initially, every new product is available at cheap rate due to awareness of it, but as long as it becomes needy, becomes costly.

You need to make sure that this should not happen with you.

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