How to Charge Electric Car – Tata Nexon EV

How to Charge Electric Car: We are used to fill the fuel as petrol and diesel in our traditional cars since very long, right?

However you are totally aware that the technology has taken a very huge jump and is going to replace the petrol, diesel, CNG vehicles with the Electric Vehicles.

Difference in Pattern to fill the Fuel

With the change of technology, many modules also have been changed.

Like you were going to the petrol pump or GAS pumps and filler was filling the petrol or other fuel in your vehicle, right?

But what in the Electric Vehicles?

Here it is!

How to Charge Electric Car – Types of Charger

Now, here you have the two options, you can charge your car battery at home and at the charging stations as well which are approved by the government also.

Here you get the two options to charge also, Tata Motor will install the two chargers at your home.

  • DC Fast Charger
  • AC Charger

AC Charger

You will get the below set up of AC charger at your home.

How to Charge Electric Car

You will get the charger and cable by default and Tata will install the Housing separately in your parking for the supply.

You just need to connect the port into the fuel filler cap and the charging point of the car is positioned at the exact place of the traditional car’s fuel point.

As long as you fix the port into the filler port and switch on, it will get started to charge and it will take up to 8 hours to charge 20% to 100%.

You can check the status of charging also in the speedometer section.

As long as you put the port into the filler port, speedometer will display the stats as shown in the below image.

How to Charge Electric Car

It will cost around 300 Rupees for one charge with this home charging set up.

Fast DC Charger Charging Set UP

You will find the Fast charger stations at highway, where you can charge your car battery full in just almost 2 hours.

It will cost around 500/- per charge.

The port and system is little bit different than the slow charger, but it is not our headache, at the result of process your call will be charged 100% in just around 2 hours.

Tata Motors will install this fast charger at your home also and around your home locations as well at the multi locations.

How to Charge Electric Car

Per Kilometer Cost

You will get the drive of 312 Kilometer per one charge, so if use the fast charger then the cost will be RS. 1.6 and with the slow charger, it will be Rs.0.96.

How to Charge Electric Car

Why Electric Car is Better than Traditional Car

Now if we compare the cost per kilometer per car, we get the below stats.

In petrol and diesel cars, it gives maximum 20km/liter.

It’s the millage got on highways, but anyways, we consider this.

Petrol rate: Rs.84 as of now , which will be increased.

Cost Per Kilometer : Rs. 84.00 / 20Km= Rs. 4.00

And in an electric car, we get max to max Rs. 1.60 per kilometer and additionally, there is a Zero air pollution, very less noise pollution.


If we opt for the new technology, we are going to get too much benefits in terms of money, health, and enviornment.

The charging time does not matter because you can put the car battery in charging at night, and can remove it in the morning.

So, you can charge your car battery during the non-working period, isn’t it good?

Now those days are gone when the government increases 1 or 2 rupees in the petrol cost and we have to wait in the queue to full the tank 🙂

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