How to Open an Electric Car Charging Station In India 2021

How to Open an Electric Car Charging Station In India 2021: We assume that you are totally aware that the most necessary aspect of Electric Vehicles is their Charging Stations, right?

Almost everyone used to make their charging by paying some money to the Electric Car Charging Station but you can start a business of electric car charging station.

Yes, it’s not quite easy, but you know that the petrol and diesel technology will not survive will not for too long and world will have to switch in to the electric and solar technology.

So, this is a right time to get started with the upcoming technology before it gets saturated.


You should have all the knowledge who are moving towards this direction.

How much you need to invest, the cost of Transformers, how much you will generate the revenue, etc…

How to Open an Electric Car Charging Station In India

Here is all the details opening the charging stations for the electric car, you need to take the brief knowledge about the budget and expense first.

There is not any criteria for the land area if you establish the charging stations for electric vehicles.

You will have to just take care of one thing that cars mush not face the huddles in transportation in the charging station area.

Government has publish some basic requirements which you will have to fulfil if you want to start a business of electric car charging power station.

You must have 3 Fast Chargers and 2 Slow Chargers minimum.

Additionally, you must have Transformer in order to supply the power to the Transformers which will be connected with the transition lines of 11 KW to 33 KW.

These are the overall and basic requirements, but there are some specifications in these instruments.

Fast Chargers Requirements

In the fast chargers, One charger must be having the CCS Plug, Second one must have Chademo Port, and last one must be Type 2 Charger with the minimum output of 22 KW.

Slow Chargers Requirements

In the slow charger, one must be DC – 001 which supplies the power output of 15 KW and second one must be AC – 001 which generates the power output of 10 KW

You can purchase these chargers online from Indiamart, Amazon, or any other site, or you can also purchase by visiting the showrooms physically, it depends on you.

Take Care:

It doesn’t matter which company or manufacturer you prefer to purchase the chargers, but you will have to take care that the voltage and specifications must not be vary of even 1%, otherwise your request will not be approved by the government.

Now you would be thinking that which kind of vehicles can be charged by this electric charging stations, right?

You car charge the electric cars, electric bikes, electric three-wheelers, and if we talk about India, then you do not have to take more load, because there is Chademo port is use mostly.

How much you have to spend to establish Charging Station

The expense of establishing is not less, you should have a big budget in order to Open an Electric Car Charging Station In India.

Fast Charger Cost

So you can see here that the Total Cost of only Fast Chargers is 16,30,000 INR.

Slow Charger Cost

  • DC – 001 (15 KW): 2,50,000 INR
  • 3 AC – 001 (KW) : 25,000 X 3 = 75,000 INR

So, here the total cost of slow chargers is ₹75,000

You will have to invest around 20 Lakh rupees for the both chargers.

Here, your project does not get ended, there are also other expenses, like Transformer expense, electricity supply cost, Connection of electricity cost, Circuit breaker cost, and other small electric equipment.

The other cost apart from chargers will be done around in ₹8,00,000,this is expected amount, it may vary with the passage of time.

And, last one is the cost of the infrastructure like land, painting, furniture, ease of work modules etc.. which touch around ₹4,00,000 .

But these all expenses are One Time Investment so you have to plan accordingly.

So, if we conclude the total estimated expense to open the electric car charging station in India, it touches around ₹31,00,000 .

Now, if you sustain this business at least one year, then these are other expenses.

In the current time, you can not relay on the cash transaction, you need to owe the service of payment gateway, it costs around ₹50,000 per year.

You will have to hire a full time or permanent technician, you can pay him with the negotiation according the market rate, and if you hire on the non-real time, then at least he will charge ₹1,00,000 per year.

Then you will have to hire worker(s) for whom you have to fix at least ₹15,000 per month.

If you do not have your own land, you will have to take it on lease, which cost is around 5 to 6 Lakhs per year if you tie up for a long time.

Now the total cost (one time + running cost) is around ₹35,000,000 .

How Much I Can Earn By Charging Stations Business

Here is the main question for which you were waiting for 🙂 right?

Let’s calculate, first calculate the consumption of electricity.

These calculations are estimated and for per day.

Fast Chargers

How to Open an Electric Car Charging Station In India

Slow Chargers

How to Open an Electric Car Charging Station In India

Here, the total of units consumed is 2800 Unites/Day

Now, the margin per unit is around ₹3 per unit, which depends on state, but we can consider ₹3/Unit.

So, your gross profit of per day is ₹3 X 2800 = ₹8,400

Considering this profit margin, your yearly gross profit is ₹30,66,000

Now, if we deduct the running cost, it is made ₹27,36,000.


We can conclude that opening a charging station for electric car in India is not too easy, not only in the manner of money but other aspects are also noticeable and sensitve.

So, if you are planning to open the electric car charging station, you should take almost full knowledge about it and spend some times on charging stations which are already running.

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