How to increase Car Battery Life at home

Car Battery Life: Sometimes it happens that whenever you are in emergency, or going to some place where it’s very important to reach and your car’s battery gets down, right?

Yes, it happens many times with many people.

Is there any way to avoid this event happening again and again?

Yes, It is!

There are certain steps that you have to take and maintain the timeline of that strategy.

How to know How Long your Car Battery Life will survive

There are some steps that you have to take and manage with the certain time frequency to get estimated your car battery life.

You can avoid this unwanted events by collecting and maintain some important data and managing them priory.

1. Last Date of Changing Battery

The first point comes that it should be in your knowledge that when you changed the car battery last time, i.e. before how many years or months you changed the battery of your car.

If your car is new, means first handed, then no worry, you can mentioned the date of purchase also, but if your card is second handed, then you must collect all the data about that car while purchasing from the first owner of that car.

But when we change the battery, we do not note that date and we forget that date, so we can not assume when will the next date to get it changed.

Generally, the car battery life is between 3 to 3.5 years, and then after it gets to down slowly and its working capacity starts to spoil.

This is the time to focus on car battery life,

So, Remember!

Whenever you change the battery of the car, note that date somewhere from where you can recollect it very easily so you can have the estimated date to change the battery next time and you can avoid the unexpected and unwanted events of battery expiring in the middle of the journey.

2. Manage with Hot Atmosphere

The second aspect of spoiling the car battery life is that battery of your car gets destroyed slowly in heat.

In most of the cases, the cause of battery gets destroyed automatically in heat wave, and in cold season, it keeps working properly and very nicely.

In the cold wave season, we have to put multiple efforts to start the car, but it doesn’t means that our car battery is not working.

car battery life

Why there are more chance to Deteriorate the battery in heat (summer) season

When we charge the battery, it gets heat, and there is already hot environment outside, due to this battery gets overheat and overcharged and the chances to deteriorate the battery are increased.

3. Less use of car

Usually, we do not use the car for tiny purpose or small route ways, but here is the reason to get the battery deteriorate.

What happens that if we do not use the car for certain long time, then the battery of the car starts discharging itself and it impacts very high of the car battery life.

How to avoid this problem

In some people’s case it is not possible to take the drive of car daily, so, here you can do that you can take a small drive with the certain frequency of time, like every 3 days or every 4 days.

Just take a small drive so that the car’s battery keeps charging itself and it will cause to survive for the battery for long time.

How to identify you car battery is getting down

Now, this is a very important aspect because we can not change the battery until we come to know that it is getting down.

So, there are some significant signs from which you can take a judgement that your battery life is about to die and you need to change a battery.

1. Focus of headlights gets fluctuated

When the focus of your car’s headlights starts fluctuating, it is a very simple sign that your battery is getting down and need to change it.

If you do not change and keep using, it may impact on the other functions of car also, so avoid delaying and you should concern with a mechanic when this kind of events happen once or twice.

2. Fluctuation is noise of Horn

It is very understood that the horn is blown with the power of external energy i.e. battery power.

If the power of battery is low, then the noise of horn gets fluctuated, it means it gets up and down.

So, this is a very clear indication that your car battery life is about to end and you should change it.

check the Sulfation

This term may be hard to hear for you because it is a technical word for the battery ingredients.

Check the battery physically, if you found any white powder which is called sulfation on the terminal points of that battery, then you need to wash it with the hot water and cover with Grease and pack very tightly.

The loose connection of terminals also cause of the Deterioration of your car’s battery.

How to increase car battery life

If it is not possible to drive the car daily or alternatively, then try to drive the car every 3 or 4 days.
If it is also tends to impossible, then you can do one thing that you should just start the car and keep it on for some minutes.

As a result of this activity, your car battery gets charged and repeatation of this stuff will charge your car battery regularly and the life of car battery will increases.

Check the terminals of battery regularly, if they found loose, fix them at that time.

Check the water properly and if possible, fix the hydrometer and check the gravity regularly.

It should be at least 1.280, if you found it less then this, concern with your mechanic person and maintain this density.

Check the voltage of battery regularly and take care that it should not get down.

If you follow all above steps and maintain, I am damn sure, you will not come to face any unwanted situation.

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