This rare fish specializes in changing color like a chameleon, its poison is extremely dangerous

It is generally believed that chameleons are the masters at changing colours, but this is not the case. There is also such a fish in the world, which can change color just like a chameleon. Although this fish is rare, but recently it has been found in Indian water bodies. You will be surprised to know that this fish has been discovered for the first time in India. Scientists from the Central Marine Fisheries Institute have discovered it in the Gulf of Mannar.

The name of this rare fish is Scorpionfish, whose scientific name is Scorpiospis negalacta. Dr. Jayabaskaran, a scientist from the Central Marine Fisheries Institute, said, ‘When we first saw it, it was hiding in the grass. It was not known whether it was a fish or a small piece of stone, but after four seconds when it changed its body color to black, then it was understood that it is a rare scorpionfish.

Scorpionfish change color only when hunting or defending from predators. This fish, which specializes in changing color, is also very poisonous. Its spinal cord is filled with poison. Extreme care has to be taken to catch it, otherwise it spews poison in an instant. Its venom is neurotoxic, which, if it enters the human body, causes terrible pain.

According to scientists, the scorpionfish living in the depths of the ocean hunts at night. It hides in one place and waits for the first victim to come near and as soon as it comes near it attacks it swiftly and swoops and eats it.

According to Dr. Jayabaskaran, this rare fish has been sent to the National Marine Biodiversity Museum, so that it can be studied in depth. Scientific report about this fish has been published in the journal Current Science.

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